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102545 | GERMANY & GREAT BRITAIN. Graf von Zeppelin cast iron Medal.

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    102545  |  GERMANY & GREAT BRITAIN. Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August Graf von Zeppelin cast iron Medal. Issued 1915. The use of the Zeppelin for the bombing of London during warfare (105mm, 291.97 g, 12h). By F. Eue for R. Ball in Berlin.


    GRAF ZEPPELIN, bust facing slightly right // London Bridge under assault from two airships flying above; in two lines in exergue, LUFTANGRIFF / AUF LONDON. Edge: Plain.


    Cf. Zetzmann 4089 (silver; 34.2mm); Hans Kaiser 427.4; cf. Button 123 (silver; 34.2mm). Choice Mint State. Rich glossy deep charcoal gray surfaces. A rare larger-format issue of this extremely interesting aviation type.


    Zeppelin was a German general and aircraft manufacturer, who later founded the airship company Luftschiffbau Zeppelin. During World War I, many of his airships were utilized in scouting missions and bombing campaigns, most notably in England, where their bombings killed over 500 citizens.


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