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102558 | SWEDEN. Alfred Nobel silver Award Medal.

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    102558  |  SWEDEN. Alfred Nobel silver Award Medal. Issued 2001 or later for participation on the nominating committee for the prize in medicine (26mm, 13.09 g, 12h). By E. Lindberg (in 1901).


    Bust left; ALFR• / NOBEL – NAT• / MDCCC / XXXIII / OB• / MDCCC / XCVI across field // INVENTAS • VITAM • IUVAT • EXCOLUISSE • PER • ARTES (and they who bettered life on earth by their newly found mastery), basin and serpent-entwined staff of Aeculapius; wreath behind. Edge: Numerous hallmarks, including three crowns flanked by 2s, indicative of a post-2000 striking.


    Ehrensvärd 22; Lagerqvist 3A. PCGS SP-66. Blast white, with an alluring matte nature. Just one has been graded finer in the PCGS census among the types without a date or dating convention.


    One of Lindberg's early tasks was the creation of the Nobel Prize medals, the Nobel institution for the awarding of these prizes having been newly established. Outside of the Peace Prize (presented instead in Oslo) and the Economics Prize (created much later by the Sveriges Riksbank and not considered part of the Nobel canon), Lindberg's renditions continue to be used for the prize medals to this day, as well as the medals presented to the respective nominating committees. Though the actual prize medals are almost never encountered in the market, the nominating medals do appear and have become quite popular as they are generally as close as one can realistically get to an actual prize medal.


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    Upload: 15 May 2024.

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