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102575 | GREAT BRITAIN. England. Archbishop William Sancroft cast silver Medal

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    102575 | GREAT BRITAIN. England. Archbishop William Sancroft cast silver Medal. Issued 1688. Sancroft and the Seven Bishops (49mm, 12h). By G. Bower.


    GVIL · SANCROFT · ARCHIEPISC · CANTVAR · 1688 ·, bust right, wearing camauro and canonical robes // Seven medallions of the Bishops committed to the Tower of London: Bishops Henry Compton (middle – London), Francis Turner (upper right, proceeding clockwise – Ely), Thomas Ken (Bath), Sir John Trelawney (Bristol), Thomas White (Peterborough), John Lake (Chichester), and William Lloyd (St. Asaph); twelve stars around.


    Cf. MI 622/37; Eimer 288b. NGC AU Details—Tooled. Despite the noted tooling and details designation by NGC, it should be mentioned that this type always displays some evidence of tooling and chasing in the fields—it being an aspect of manufacture following the casting process; as such, it can be discounted and expected as issued by those who actually understand the series.


    Following the exclusion crisis in the late 1670s over the fear of the rise of Catholicism, James II proposed the Declaration of Indulgence in 1687–the first step in establishing the freedom of religion in England. The ensuing protest, however, concerned the bill's lack of guarantee that the Anglican Church would remain as the established church, with many leaders within the clergy refusing to read the declaration. This act against the crown was led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Sancroft, along with six other bishops (Bishop Henry Compton being included on this medal on account of his earlier dissent to Catholicism and removal from office by James), and resulted in their imprisonment in the Tower of London. Brought to trial before the Court of the King's Bench, the bishops were acquitted, serving as a precursor to James' deposition shortly thereafter by his nephew, the Protestant William III of Orange, in the Glorious Revolution.


    Upload: 15 November 2023.


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