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102578 | SWEDEN. Göteborg Tercentenary Anniversary Exhibition bronze Medal.

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    102578  |  SWEDEN. Göteborg Tercentenary Anniversary Exhibition bronze Medal. Issued 1923. Commemorating the expo and the 300th anniversary of the city's founding (56mm, 80.95 g, 12h). By C. Milles for Sporrong & Co.


    JVBILEVMS VT STÄLLNINGEN GÖTEBORG, coat-of-arms of Göteborg (stylized lion rampant right, holding sword and shield; crown above) // Four gods (Minerva/Athena, Vulcan/Hephaistos, Mercury/Hermes, and Neptune/Poseidon advancing left, torsos and heads facing, and each holding attributes: book, gear, caduceus, and trident, respectively; in exergue, dolphin left. Edge: C C SPORRONG & Co.


    MKD 99 (type IIIa). Mintage: 1,800. Mint State. Olive-brown surfaces; great relief and texture.


    Known for figurative sculptures and large-scale fountains, Carl Milles was one of Sweden's most prominent artists. In addition to his other media, Milles also designed a number of medals capturing his sculpted, very modern style. On this medal, his distinctive style comes through clearly. Of note, the city of Göteborg celebrated its 400th anniversary this year, being exactly 100 years since this tercentenary medal was issued.


    Upload: 1 November 2023.


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