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102589 | GREAT BRITAIN. "Cow-Pat" cast bronze Medal.

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    102589  |  GREAT BRITAIN. "Cow-Pat" cast bronze Medal. Issued 1984 (100mm x 93mm, 538.70 g, 12h). By N. Moss.


    Highly stylized cow standing left, head quizzically facing; horizon in background, with smooth texture to the sky above // Dung pile, with horse fly sitting in its small, slightly recessed center. Edge: Plain.


    The Medal no. 6 (Spring 1985), p. 40. Essentially as Made. Olive-brown surfaces, with great texture imparted unto the reverse. An extremely rare and whimsical medal from very early in Moss's career.


    Born in High Wycombe northwest of London, Nicola d'Alton Moss was the first non-American to sculpt a medal for the Society of Medalists series, when her design for the Charles Darwin medal was issued in 1989 (the society having issued medals since 1930). This extremely interesting and rare issue, also being one of the earliest in her career, was the result of her attendance on a scholarship at John Cook's International Medallic Workshop during the summer of 1984 at Penn State University. Given the very rural and agricultural setting of central Pennsylvania, it is clear that many such cows, as well as their piles of dung, served as an inspiration to explore the dual nature of the medal. In 1996, she became the youngest recipient of the American Numismatic Society's prestigious J. Sanford Saltus Award given "for lifetime achievement in medallic art."


    Upload: 15 December 2023.


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