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102591 | GREAT BRITAIN. "Night of Armour/Knight of Amour" bronze Medal.

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    102591  |  GREAT BRITAIN. "Night of Armour/Knight of Amour" bronze Medal. Issued 1988. (38mm, 27.41 g, 12h). By R. Elderton at the Tower mint.


    NIGHT of ARMOUR, bedroom scene, with female seated right on stool, nude save for chastity belt which she attempts to unlock with key; discarded keys on floor; mace and armor (armour) on floor to right; in background, dresser with mirror depicting scene in which the same female holds up the chastity belt, now removed, with knight facing her // KNIGHT of AMOUR, similar bedroom scene, but on the opposite side of the room, with male standing facing in medieval armor (armour) and with hands held together in act of prayer; in background, elaborate bed chamber, with shields to either side featuring somewhat suggestive iconography. Edge: Plain.


    The Medal 14 (Spring 1989), pp. 87 & 89. Choice Mint State. Red-brown surfaces. Extremely rare and virtually never encountered.


    Seemingly a popular concept on some of Elderton's medals, the punning between night/knight and armour/amour is quite clear. An evening filled with plating and protective coverings stands between the female on this medal and her libidinous medieval soldier. Featuring direct engraving into the dies, this endlessly provocative type is matched equally by its excessive rarity.


    Upload: 2 January 2024.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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