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102592 | GREAT BRITAIN. Baptist Missionary Society white metal Medal.

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    102592  |  GREAT BRITAIN. Baptist Missionary Society white metal Medal. Issued 1842 for the jubilee of the antislavery society (43mm, 26.16 g, 12h). By J. Davis in Birmingham.


    THEN SHALT THOU CAUSE THE TRUMPET OF THE JUBILEE TO SOUND & YE SHALL HALLOW THE FIFTIETH YEAR, preacher standing facing at a small pulpit, spreading the gospel to two natives kneeling to left and right; in the clouds above, two angels with open Bible and trumpet; in two lines in exergue, BAPTIST MISSION JUBILEE / 1842 // EXPECT GREAT THINGS FROM GOD / ATTEMPT GREAT THINGS FOR GOD, BAPTIST MISSION / FORMED / OCTr 2nd 1792 / COMMENCED IN E. INDIES 1793 / W. INDIES 1813. W. AFRICA 1840 / STATIONS 157. MISSIONARIES 71. / TEACHERS & NATIVE PREACHERS 127 / MEMBERS UPWARDS OF 30,000. / SCHOLARS ABOUT 18,000. / SCRIPTURES TRANSLATED INTO / 40 LANGUAGES & DIALECTS. / COPIES ISSUED IN THE / YEAR 1841. 85,000. / SLAVERY ABOLISHED / AUGt 1st 1838 in 15 lines. Edge: Plain.


    BHM 2063 (RR). Choice Mint State. Extremely brilliant and reflective, with some alluring frosting upon the devices. Includes contemporary leather pouch.


    The Baptist Missionary Society was founded in 1792 by William Carey, among others, in Kettering, Northamptonshire. Two years later, he went to Calcutta to spread the gospel, eventually becoming Professor of Sanskrit at Fort William College in British India and issued translations of the scriptures. This medal commemorates the 50th anniversary of the society.


    Upload: 1 November 2023.


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