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102595 | UNITED STATES. "Pegasus and Men" Society of Medalists bronze Medal.

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    102595  |  UNITED STATES. "Pegasus and Men" bronze Medal. Issued 1933. Society of Medalists series (73mm, 291.16 g, 12h). By G. Cecere.


    Nude figures (two male and one female) stretching toward the sky; in background to left, Pegasus rearing right // THERE IS NO EASY WAY FROM THE / EARTH TO THE STARS, twin peaks; small tree at their base; starry sky above. Edge: THE SOCIETY OF MEDALISTS EIGHTH ISSUE MEDALLIC ART CO. NY.


    Alexander SOM-8.1; Marqusee 107. Mint State. Deep brown surfaces, with intense relief. Mintage: 1,287 (reported).


    This moving issue was created in the middle of the Great Depression and, in Cecere's own words, symbolizes "the age-old inner urge of a large portion of humanity—its never-ceasing struggle to free from the bondage of the sordid and material, its aspiration toward a higher place of existence." He dedicated his medal to "those who are fighting adversities while maintaining a vision of a higher goal."


    Upload: 15 November 2023.

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