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102610 | CZECHOSLOVAKIA. "Temptation" uniface aluminum Trial Strike.

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    102610  |  CZECHOSLOVAKIA. "Temptation" uniface aluminum Trial Strike. Issued ca. 1917 (74mm x 72mm, 38.53 g). By J. Čejka at the Kremnica mint.


    Nude female standing facing, head turned over her left shoulder and attempting to cover herself with a drapery; behind to right, portly man reclining on bed, resting hand upon bag of coins, while other bags of coins spill out, along with pieces of jewelry // Plain. Edge: Slightly beveled.


    As made. Light steely gray surfaces with great brilliance. An interesting and rather provocative issue, and especially rare as a trial striking from the mint, complete with its oversized nature.


    Quite unusual and thought-provoking, this issue seems to embody the aspect of temptation, with the nude female deliberating what can only be interpreted as a would-be prostitution scene. She is contemplating the act, with a rather rotund man tempting her with rewards in the form of many coins and even jewelry should she join him in bed in order to earn her compensation.


    Upload: 15 December 2023.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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