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102642 | FRANCE. Philippe II, Duke of Orléans bronze Medal.

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    102642  |  FRANCE. Philippe II, Duke of Orléans bronze Medal. Dated 1715 (though likely issued circa late 18th century). Commemorating the beginning of the Duke's regency for King Louis XV (41mm, 40.65 g, 12h). By J. Duvivier & J. Dollin at the Paris mint.


    PHILIPPUS DUX AVRELIANENS FR ET NAV REGENS, bare head right // PAR VIRTVS ONERI (the strength shall meet the burden), Atlas right, bent to one knee, bearing celestial sphere (with zodiacal band separating the stars) upon his back. Edge: Plain.


    Divo 6. NGC MS-64 Brown. Deep brown surfaces, with some light rub upon the highest points and some brilliance in the fields.


    Upon the death of the "Sun King" (Louis XIV), the throne passed to Louis XV, the great-grandson of the former. However, at the time, the younger Louis was not yet 6 years old. As such, in keeping with custom, a regent was appointed to effectively rule in the place of the boy-king until he reached his majority, which was the age of 13. Philippe II, the Duke of Orléans, thus served as the Regent of France from 1715 until the 13th birthday of Louis XV on 15 February 1723. On this medal, the weighty role as chief decision maker in the kingdom is expressed through Atlas bearing the celestial sphere upon his back.


    Upload: 1 December 2023.


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