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102651 | GERMANY. Osnabrück silver Shooting Medal.

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    102651  |  GERMANY. Osnabrück silver Shooting Medal. Issued 1897 for the shooting festival held 20–22 June (34mm, 21.01 g, 12h). By H. Held.


    Garnished civic coat-of-arms; mural crown above, and with wildmen, each with club, as supporters // SCHÜTZENFEST / ZU / OSNABRÜCK / 20.21.22 JUNI / 1897 in five lines within garlanded oak wreath. Edge: Loop attached at the top, otherwise plain.


    Peltzer –; Knepper –. Choice Mint State. Attractively toned and brilliant. An extremely rare civic shooting medal that is interestingly absent from the advanced collections of Peltzer (German shooting medals) and Knepper (wildmen motifs).


    While shooting medals from Switzerland are fairly commonplace in the market, those from similar festivals in Germany aren't nearly as common. Those from Osnabrück are that much more scarce within the marketplace, with the present example not present in the Peltzer collection, which is a source for German shooting medals, nor in the extensive Knepper collection, which focused ceaselessly upon the wildman motif in world numismatics.


    Upload: 15 December 2023.

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