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102660 | SWEDEN & FINLAND. "Only One Earth" multi-piece bronze Medal.

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    102660  |  SWEDEN & FINLAND. "Only One Earth" multi-piece bronze Medal. Issued 1972 for the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm (49mm, 227.80 g, 12h). By K. Räsänen for Sporrong.


    Top piece, obverse: Facing female head, slightly left of center, with hair billowing in the wind (indicative of environmental influences) // Top piece, reverse: ONLY ONE EARTH EN ENDA VÄRLD, nude female (Mother Earth) curled left in fetal position within oval-like shape in relief and with lines of longitude and latitude /// Bottom piece, obverse: Nude female crouching slightly right, protecting her face with her left hand // Bottom piece, reverse: UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON THE HUMAN ENVIRONMENT 5. – 16. 6. 1972, the same nude female from the reverse of the other piece, this time curled right in fetal position within oval-like shape, all in incuse and without the gridlines. Edge: 1747•3500 / SPORRONG.


    Hackl & Klose 37. As made. Brassy-dark brown surfaces, with great brilliance and a two-toned nature. Includes original box of issue, as well as certificate of authenticity. A very moving and thought-provoking multi-piece medal that was very much the calling-card of Räsänen.


    Räsänen's interesting take on the environmental movement came at a time of greater appreciation for the frailty of the Earth and the irreparable damage which man can and has created. This multi-piece medal was made in conjunction with the conference held by the United Nations in 1972, even featuring their logo upon it.


    Upload: 15 January 2024.

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