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102682 | GERMANY. Dresden gilt bronze Medal.

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    102682  |  GERMANY. Dresden gilt bronze Medal. Issued 1931. Commemorating the International Health Exposition, held in Dresden for the second time from May–October 1930 and again in May–October 1931 (70mm, 167.96 g, 12h). By A. Mazotti.


    Eye within sunburst // INTER / NATIONALE / HYGIENE / AUSSTELLUNG / DRESDEN / 1930/31 in six lines; cross above and below. Edge: Plain.


    Optica et Visio in Nummis –. Gem Mint State. Alluring gilt yellow surfaces, with a charming matte nature. An incredibly interesting and transfixing piece of medallic art. Includes original box of issue.


    Serving as a follow-up to the first Hygiene expo, organized by Karl August Lingner and held in Dresden, this expo was held in a building which would serve as the German Hygiene Museum following the expo. One of the biggest attractions was the Gläserner Mensch, or transparent man—the basis from which many subsequent copies have been made. A further allusion to the previous expo was in the form of the logo—a mesmerizing eye, originally used by Franz Stuck in his poster, and revived by Willy Petzold in a similar fashion, similar to that used for this medal.


    Upload: 15 January 2024.


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