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102684 | GERMANY. "Der Tod als Schnitter" uniface bronze Plaque.

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    102684  |  GERMANY. "Der Tod als Schnitter" uniface bronze Plaque. Issued circa 1920 for recovery from the flood (79x39mm, 76.33 g). By J. Prinz.


    Death, as a (grim) reaper, advancing left through a devastated field, holding scythe and leading a female in mourning; DER TOD ALS SCHNITTER (Death as the harvester) in exergue // Blank. Edge: Plain.


    Mint State. Olive-brown surfaces. Rather scarce and interesting, and very haunting; just the second of the type that we have had.


    Issued following a devastating flooding in the Danubian region, these plaques were sold as a reminder of the event and also as a way to generate funds for the recovery (Hochwasserhilfe). Here, Death is seen guiding a mourning maiden through a field of grains which, from the ravaging waters, have been laid upon their side. Each grain can be seen as a soul, so, in a sense, they are wading their way through a sea of souls.


    Upload: 15 March 2024.


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