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102699 | UNITED STATES. James McNeil Whistler bronze Plaque.

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    102699  |  UNITED STATES. James McNeill Whistler bronze Plaque. Issued circa 1905. Commemorating the famous painter and printmaker (89mm x 65mm, 189.07 g, 12h). By V. D. Brenner for the Medallic Art Co.


    Half-length bust facing slightly left, with head facing and arms on hips; to left, one of his "butterfly" signatures above legend in three lines: JAMES McNEILL WHISTLER / PAINTER ETCHER / AUTHOR // Peacock standing right on branch; to right: "MESSIEURS LES ENNEMIS!" above another of his "butterfly" signatures. Edge: Plain.


    Smedley 62; Baxter 127; Marqusee 65. Choice Mint State. Olive-bronze surfaces, with a great matte nature; a few scattered and rather inconsequential spots are noted for completeness. Far superior to those that are generally encountered.


    Though Brenner would become quite famous numismatically just a few years later with his rendition for the Lincoln cent, he had some other iconic works produced before this ubiquitous design. One such medal is the present piece, which honors the rather defiant and irascible artist, James McNeil Whistler. Often known to accept no differences of opinions or critics, the sparse reverse legend ("Messieurs les Ennemis!") indicates the manner in which he viewed all those who defied him.


    Upload: 1 March 2024.

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