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102710 | GREAT BRITAIN. "Spin Down" brass Whist Counter.

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    102710  |  GREAT BRITAIN. "Spin Down" brass Whist Counter. Issued 31 January 1860 (37mm, 12.56 g).


    Outer wheel with scallop shape and with numbers 0 through 9 equally spaced around; inner wheel with pointing hand; REGISTERED in one line above, WHIST / MARKER in two lines below // REGISTERED / WHIST MARKER, central diamond with I/Z (for 1860 and metal) at top, C (for January) to left, 2 below, and 31 (for the day) to right. About Uncirculated. Brown-bronze surfaces.


    Whist is a trick-taking game played in pairs and with a standard "French-style" 52 card deck, immensely popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Countless varieties on the standard game exist and, due to the nature of scoring, some form of notation was required. This would often come in the form of multiple tokens for accounting, but rotating or "spin down" counters such as this could also keep score, with just one piece being needed. The diamond upon the reverse was a common form of noting date of manufacture for the period, thus allowing for this example's exact date to be known.


    Upload: 1 February 2024.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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