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102742 | SWEDEN. Gustaf Dalén bronze Medal.

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    102742  |  SWEDEN. Gustaf Dalén bronze Medal. Issued 1982. Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences series: commemorating the life of the famous inventor and Nobel laureate (44mm, 70.62 g, 12h). By L. Eklund & Y. Möller.


    IVA 1982 / GUSTAF DALÉN 1869-1937, head facing // Cross-sectional view of a portion of an AGA lighthouse, with Dalén's invention, the sun valve, located in the middle; the entirety of the obverse and reverse designs presented as concentric rings and, in the case of the obverse, the relief achieving a 3D printed effect around the time the technology was first being theorized. Edge: SPORRONG.


    Essentially as Made. Tan-bronze surfaces, with immense depth and intricacy; a few scattered marks are noted for completeness. A very futuristic-feeling work of art.


    Dalén won the Nobel prize in physics in 1912 for his work on lighthouse technology. Specifically, he developed "Dalén light," which utilized acetylene and his "sun valve" to create a much more efficient light source for lighthouses. Given the extensive coastlines of Scandinavia, the mass-produced lighthouse buoys manufactured by the AGA company were immensely popular.


    Upload: 1 April 2024.


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