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102757 | ITALY. Vatican City. Pope Ioannes Paulus I silver Medal.

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    102757  |  ITALY. Vatican City. Pope Ioannes Paulus I silver Medal. Issued 1978 to commemorate the death of the pope (43mm, 40.45 g, 12h). By C. Giampaoli at the Rome mint.


    IOANNES PAVLVS I P M, bust left, wearing zucchetto // HVMILITAS / 26-VIII 28-IX / MCMLXXVIII, personal coat-of-arms, surmounted by tiara and over keys crossed in saltire. Edge: Plain.


    Choice Gem Mint State. Richly toned and brilliant, with just a subtle print upon the zucchetto preventing an otherwise flawless designation. Includes original box of issue.


    This medal was issued after the death of John Paul I, as his reign was incredibly brief. Elected pope on 26 August 1978, he died a mere 33 days later on 28 September, garnering him the nickname of the "September Pope." Based upon the brevity of his reign and the time at which his death occurred in the calendar year, it also created the most recent "year of three popes," with the previous such year happening in 1605. His predecessor was Paulus (Paul) VI, and his successor was Ioannes Paulus (John Paul) II.


    Upload: 17 June 2024.

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