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102764 | ITALY. Genoa. Andrea Doria cast bronze Medal.

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    102764  |  ITALY. Genoa. Andrea Doria cast bronze Medal. Issued circa early-mid 17th century (after a mid 16th century original) to commemorate the famous Genoese statesman, condottiero, and admiral (41mm, 26.42 g, 12h). After L. Leoni.


    ANDREAS DORIA P • P, armored and draped bust right; trident to left // Galley, with numerous oarsmen, sailing right. Edge: A few flaws and filing marks as made.


    Kress 431; Pollard 490. Choice Extremely Fine. Rich brown surfaces, with some slight waviness as made. A great example of one of the earlier aftercasts of the type, which are much more commonly encountered as later castings.


    An important statesman in the history of the Republic of Genoa, Andrea Doria was instrumental in decreasing the tenure of the Genoese doge from life terms to those of just two years, hence the period of the biennial doges. This instituted great stability to the Republic for over two-and-a-half centuries. Also a very accomplished naval leader, he was so revered within Genoa and even Italy more broadly that numerous ships were named in his honor—the most famous being the passenger liner SS Andrea Doria, which launched in 1951. This ship, which sank just a few years later during a collision in 1956, has an important numismatic tie-in, in that paper money recovered from the wreckage stands as a popular collecting pursuit.


    Upload: 1 May 2024.

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