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102781 | BELGIUM. Bruges. Cathedral of St. Sauveur bronze Medal.

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    102781  |  BELGIUM. Bruges. Cathedral of St. Sauveur bronze Medal. Issued 1846. Churches of Belgium series (50mm, 53.6 g, 12h). By J. Wiener and struck at the Geerts mint in Ixelles.


    FONDÉE PAR ST. ELOI ÉVÊQUE DE NOYON 652 INCENDIÉE AU DOUZIÈME SIECLE / REBATIE ET CONSACRÉE 1127. UNE SECONDE FOIS INCENDIÉE 1358. LA TOUR RECONSTRUITE 1846. / RENFERME LES RESTES DE CHARLES LE BON / ÉGLISE ST. SAUVEUR / À BRUGES, perspective exterior view of the cathedral // Perspective interior view, from a vantage point just left of center. Edge: Plain.


    Ross M22; van Hoydonck 20; Reinecke 3. Gem Mint State, rich red-brown surfaces, with some lustrous brilliance remaining.


    From what is today eastern Netherlands and western Germany, the Wieners were a Jewish family of exceptional medalists, especially known for numerous numismatic works throughout the Kingdom of Belgium. Eldest brother Jacques, along with younger brothers Leopold and Charles, created some of the finest works of medallic art of the 19th century, and all are particularly noted for their highly detailed and intricate work, especially that of Jacques with respect to architectural renderings.


    Upload: 15 April 2024.

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