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102784 | GREAT BRITAIN. England. Elizabeth I oval cast silver "Phoenix Badge"

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    102784  |  GREAT BRITAIN. England. Elizabeth I "Phoenix Badge" oval cast silver Medal. Issued circa mid-late 18th century (40mm x 44mm, 29.10 g, 12h).


    + HEI MIHI QVOD TANTO VIRTVS PERFVSA DECORE NON HABET ETERNOS INVIOLATA DIES / ELISABETHA D G ANG FR ET HIB REGINA (Alas! That virtue endued with so much beauty, should not uninjured enjoy perpetual life), bust left wearing ruffled collar and with hair in bonnet // FELICES ARABES MVNDI QVIBVS VNICA PHŒNIX PHŒNICEM REPARAT DEPEREVNDO NOVAM/ O MISEROS ANGLOS MVNDI QVIBVS VNICA PHŒNIX VLTIMA FIT NOSTRO TRISTIA FATA SOLO (Happy Arabs whose only Phoenix reproduces by its death a new Phoenix. Wretched English whose only Phoenix becomes, unhappy fate, the last in our country), Phoenix standing slightly left amid flames, with wings spread; above, crowned monogram of Elizabeth. Edge: Some filing marks as made.


    Cf. MI 124/70 (for prototype); cf. Eimer 48B (same). Choice Extremely Fine. Attractively toned, with some wear upon the high points and great relief on the obverse. A rare and very desirable type, with originals being virtually unobtainable.


    The originals of this type, almost never encountered, are believed to date to 1574, as the dress of the queen is less decorated than normal, and in that year, she issued a proclamation that condemned the use of excess ornamentation. Given the sentiments expressed in the legends, and the idea of a loss of the queen, it may indicate that it was worn by those personally attached to her at a time at which the plague was raging in London.


    Upload: 1 April 2024.

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