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102788 | GREAT BRITAIN. Ivory Exploitation silvered bronze Medal.

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    102788  |  GREAT BRITAIN. Ivory Exploitation silvered bronze Medal. Issued 2013 (102mm, 642.2 g, 12h). By Kyosun Jung.


    Forepart of sad, tuskless elephant standing right // Pattern evoking an elephant's curled tusk, with this legend spiralling outward: "THOUSANDS OF ELEPHANTS DIE EACH YEAR SO THAT THEIR TUSKS CAN BE CARVED INTO RELIGIOUS OBJECTS. CAN THE SLAUGHTER BE STOPPED?". Edge: Plain.


    The Medal 63, p. 61. As made. Highly argent surfaces, with incredible texture. Unique in this format, with just one made in silver (with the Goldsmiths' Company), one silvered (the present specimen) and three in bronze (sold to private clients by the artist). As such, a tremendous opportunity for the representative in silvered bronze.


    Ex David Nicholas Silich Collection (acquired from Howard & Frances Simmons, December 2015 [who acquired it directly from the artist herself]).


    Born in South Korea and immigrating to England, Kyosun Jung established a breakthrough with her 2013 design, "Ivory Exploitation," which, according to the medalist, Kyosun "...entered into the British Art Medal Society (BAMS) Student Medal Project. Eleven UK colleges and universities took part in this scheme, which resulted in 125 design submissions. From a short list, I won the Pangolin Editions Prize for my modeling, the use of both sides of the medal and the lettering." The output for this poignant and powerful piece, as mentioned above, is incredibly paltry. The lone silver example resides with The Goldsmiths' Company, the manufacturer, and the three bronze examples were sold by the artist herself to private clients, leaving this sole silvered bronze specimen. The metrological breakdown of this unique piece is as follows: 75.8% silver, 13.1% copper, 9.1% tin.


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    Upload: 1 April 2024.

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