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102833 | BELGIUM. Mechelen. Catholic Congress silver Medal.

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    102833  |  BELGIUM. Mechelen. Catholic Congress silver Medal. Issued 1909 (50mm, 38.87 g, 12h). By O. de Beule for J. Fisch.


    Female personifications of Faith, seated right on throne, cradling long cross and raising hand in benediction, and Belgium, standing left, holding standard and resting hand upon shield; view of St. Peter's in Rome in background; FIDES ET PATRIA in exergue // CONGRÈS / CATHOLIQUE / KATHOLIEK / KONGRES / MALINES MECHELEN / 1909 in six lines. Edge: Plain.


    Choice Mint State. Gunmetal gray surfaces, with some subtle iridescence and a great matte nature.


    A total of six Catholic Congresses were held in Mechelen (Malines) with the goal of bringing together higher-ranking Catholics of all walks in life, with the German Katholikentag as the model. The first such Congress was held in 1863, with two quickly following in 1864 and 1867. Three more were then held in 1891, 1909, and 1936, with this medal being issued in commemoration of the penultimate Congress.


    Upload: 1 June 2024.

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