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102834 | ARGENTINA. Bartolomé Mitre Martínez Equestrian Statue silver Medal.

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    102834  |  ARGENTINA. Equestrian Statue of Bartolomé Mitre Martínez silver Medal. Issued 1927 for the monument's dedication in Buenos Aires (45mm, 46.39 g, 12h). By E. Rubino.


    MONVMENTO DE BARTOLOME MITRE INAVGVRACIÓN / BVENOS AIRES, equestrian statue with Mitre riding right // Frontal view of the winged figure of Liberty at the base of the Mitre statue; VIII / DE / JVLIO to left, MCM= / XXVII to right. Edge: PLATA.


    Choice Mint State. Pale gray surfaces, with some darker hues spread throughout, and a slight matte nature; a few light marks near the edge are noted merely for completeness. Includes original box of issue. A very rare offering in silver.


    Born in Buenos Aires to a family originally named Mitropoulos and of Greek descent, Bartolomé Mitre Martínez wrote and fought for liberal causes in the southern half of South America, gaining stature and eventually serving as governor of Buenos Aires. Following that, he achieved national unification and served as the first president of the Republic of Argentina in 1862, and also founded one of South America's leading newspapers, La Nación, in 1870.


    Upload: 1 June 2024.

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